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Made in America

At Hunter mfg. our goals are very simple:  make perfect parts, delivered on time, with American products by American workers who care about making precision quality parts. WE do what it takes not only to win on a race track with performance parts, but to make YOU a top quality American product. We are working to be the highest output machine shop in the Northwest. Our passion is to make sure that we make a quality part 100% of the time, but also that we have the same excellence in our customer service department, too - because our success is based on our customer's success. 

Our Vision
About us

taking your supply chain to the next level

We validate and ensure everything that is done on the shop floor or in the office is done to the standard that is above and beyond any other machine shop. 


Our Shop Vision

Become a valued partner

 Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with hundreds of companies and patrons. If you would like to know more about our service to excellence, please feel free to contact us through phone, email or via our social media channels. 

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